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  • mmsd app iconThe Maritime Museum of San Diego enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence in restoring, maintaining and operating historic vessels. The museum has one of the world's finest collections of historic ships, including the world's oldest active ship the Star of India.

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    The Byzantine Ecclesiastical Museum of the Holy Metropolis of Samos and Ikaria gives guests the possibility of modern interactive tour through XENAGOS system. To XENAGOS is a Knowledge Management System, which collects information on issues and cultural exhibits from various sources, sorts them in a structured manner in a central data bank and provides direct access to knowledge.

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  • kavala app iconThe Cultural Center of the City of Kavala is a modern place of culture and art. The functions and objectives of the Cultural Center of Kavala is enough. The main objective is the synchronous operation with innovative solutions and applications.

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  • mmsd app icon Matime Museum Of San Diego
  • imsamou app iconEcclesiastical Museum Of Samos
  • kavala app iconCultural Center Of Kavala