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Xenagos Team

Xenagos' development has spanned a period of years and is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of experts – designers, software analysts, developers, database designers, network engineers, historians, philologists, archeologists, translators, storytellers, psychologists, teachers and museum educators.

This unique collection of expertise ensures a holistic approach to each installation, certain to satisfy the most exacting customer's need, and deliver a unique visitor experience. The Xenagos team specializes in customized, "turn- key" products for our customers.

The process includes:
o Consulting services and needs analysis
o Design of the system (customer-defined)
o Software customization (and ongoing review following installation)
o Expandability with full initial investment protection
o Design of the Hardware infrastructure and delivery devices and provision if requested.
o Complete support for initial operation phase, from pilot and fine tuning, to full system deployment
o Maintenance upgrades and total technical support
o Guaranteed Warranty for all Xenagos products
o Full Hardware and Software support - always available and on time
o All installations and maintenance are performed by a dedicated Xenagos team.


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