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Semantic Knowledge Management

Most current content creation for new media is both static and resource intensive, and limits visitors to a pre-set experience. Xenagos' Semantic Knowledge Management architecture allows you to bring context to your knowledge assets, enriching and leveraging the quality of current resources.

This semantic content can be composed, then shared and synthesized into multifaceted stories that are adaptable on-demand to multiple target audiences and media formats based on visitor profile and context.

Benefits of Knowledge Management

  • Maintain content for multiple audiences in a shared repository
  • Create content experiences based on visitor profile and context
  • Engage scholars, educators and artists during content synthesis
  • Modify content for various delivery formats without re-authoring
  • Reduce production costs for publishing and sustaining content
  • Reach more onsite and offsite visitors with the right conten

Content Experience

Imagine a tour guide telling a story with flexible content fit for adults, teens and children and the intellect to adapt the story based on visitor context; a family experiencing a story; or a group in a mobile quest to unveil the hidden pieces of the story real time. If you have a vision for context-aware experiences, Xenagos can help you realize it.


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