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Digital Urban Guidance system

Xenagos City brings state-of-the-art digital guidance and tour functionality to urban areas and gives added value to WLAN city infrastructure.
• Immediate access to Events, Weather, News and Announcements, History, Monuments and Points of Interest from all smart devices.
• Multilingual system can operate with optic-acoustic material through the network and interact with visitor's chosen points of interests, or suggest routes based upon preferences or geographical proximity
• Provides a modern and flexible technological mechanism for Public authorities to communicate with citizens.
• Currently installed and operating in the Greek municipalities of Alexandroupolis, Ioannina, Trikala, Katerini, Xanthi, Corinth, Serres and Kalamata.



Prisma Electronics SA
87 Democratias Avenue
P.C. 68132, Alexandroupolis

Phone: +30 255 10 35 013

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